Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Blog-tember Challenge: Day1 | Introducing Me

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I came across this challenge from another blogger on my reading list and thought it would be fun to do and give me some blog post ideas! Here it goes...

The name is Vicky. I am 31 years old (I shiver every time I think of my age). Happily married to Sergio, whom I typically refer to as 'Mr.' here on the blog. Proud mama to two fur babies - Gracie Lou and Addie Mae. Long haired doxies who are entirely too spoiled (thanks to the Mr). No human babies yet. While I love kids, I haven't been in any rush to have some of my own! Perhaps thanks to working in a daycare for five years while in high school/college. But maybe in the next year or two....

I am the typical Floridian... born in Ohio and moved to Florida at the age of 12, when my mother remarried. Rare to find Floridians that are native to the state. With that being said, I don't care for hot weather or beaches. My happy place is in cooler weather near the mountains. One day I hope to move to somewhere in North Carolina. #lifegoals

I work in the Human Resources department for a Big 4 firm as a Global Mobility Specialist. What is that, you ask? Basically, I manage the relocation of our staff for their international assignments - both inbound and outbound. The job is very rewarding and exhausting at the same time. Being that I work with people all over the world, while I am sleeping, they are working and needless to say, my inbox is never empty when I get to work. But, at the same time, I get to interact with people of different cultures and hear different accents which makes the job fun. Love dem Brits!

I have an unhealthy obsession with office supplies. Back to School is probably one of my favorite times of the year, right up there with Christmas, because of the full abundance of supplies in all stores! #talknerdytome

Other things that tickle my fancy include: Starbucks Vanilla Lattes, Kate Spade, Donuts, High Tea, Gilmore Girls, Broadway shows, Holidays, Twilight (yes, #teamCullen) and Party Planning!

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