Saturday, January 9, 2016

Currently | January 2016

LISTENING | N'Sync Radio on Pandora. Can we say throwback?! This week has been a little tough getting back into the work grind particularly in the afternoon. When I start to get in my afternoon funk, I will start listening to this play station and start dancing in my seat. It's so funny how music can instantly take you back in time to when that song was current, circa the high school days. Oh to be young again...#oldpeopleproblems

READING | The Paris Wife. Confession. I've been stuck on this book for a while. Over my break, I started it up again and now half way through.

WATCHING | Fixer Upper. I am seriously OBSESSED with this show. Joanna Gaines is a home decorating queen. I absolutely love her style and constantly look her to website and Pinterest boards for home decorating inspiration. The latest episode of their behind the scenes and bloopers has me totally convinced that her and Chip could be best friends with the Mr. and me.

WANTING | Kate Spade Glitter Keds. I have been wanting these beauties for a while now. They are back in stock and I will be getting me a pair of the silver glitter ones.

EATING | Dry roasted nuts. I have been on this kick for snacking on nuts lately (I go through these phases), particularly almonds and cashews. I have to each one of each at the same time. There is really no good explanation as to why other than I can be weird.

DRINKING | I received the best gift ever for Christmas from a sweet friend, a tea infuser mug from Teavana. It is the most darling thing ever and totally something that I would use being the tea drinker that I am. After receiving the mug, I immediately had to go to Teavana to pick up some loose leaf tea. Yes, I realize I can get loose leaf tea anywhere, but I wanted the full Teavana experience. Let me be! One of the teas I chose was the chai tea. It is perfect for evenings when I want to relax.

DOING | Getting my craft on. In my Hello 2016 post, I wrote about some new hobbies I want to take up this year and I've put words into action. I signed up for an intro to hand lettering class that will be in February. Then I hit up Michaels this weekend and stocked up on painting and jewelry making essentials. Super excited to get started!


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