Saturday, January 23, 2016

Read | The Paris Wife

I finished reading this book a couple weeks ago and it gave me a whole new opinion of Ernest Hemingway. Let's be honest, other than knowing that he was a writer and had a home in Key West, I knew very little of him.

The story is from the point of view of Hadley, his first wife. Bless this lady's heart, she did sacrifice quite a whole lot for her love for Ernest. First she moves to a different country so that Ernest can pursue his dreams of being a writer. He did a lot of free lance writing and didn't make a lot of money so they lived in not the greatest part of Paris. When he did receive opportunities to write a story, he would have to travel and be away for long periods of time, leaving her to take care of their son, Bumby.

To top things off, he was quite the womanizer. While he did love Hadley, if that's what you call love, he had eyes for other women. Towards the last third of the book, Ernest meets his lover Pauline and tries to live this love triangle as something normal. Finally, Hadley has enough and ends it with Ernest and starts a new life of her own.

Again, totally blown away to learn about the personal life of Ernest. Quite disappointed really. I would not say this book was on my top reading list. It took me a while to get through it and finally I made the effort to just finish reading the book. It's funny though since I have seen other bloggers state they love this book which is why I chose to read it. I mean, I guess writing and storyline was good, it was just very annoying to me.


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