Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Happy belated Valentine's Day to you friends! Hope you enjoyed your day whether you celebrate the holiday or not. I, of course, am a HUGE fan of Valentine's Day. Seriously, any reason to celebrate something and get all cheesy is enough for me. So happy I married a man who gets into this stuff like me! 

Well, now that we are official Disney Passholders, we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day at Disney's Epcot.

We started off the day with Valentine's Day donuts, duh! I live for donuts.

After breakfast, we headed to Epcot. We had lunch reservations at Chefs de France, so did some walking around before our time to dine. The weather was on the cooler side but not too bad when in the sun. I prefer it to be cooler than hot when at the park and doing all that walking.

Here are some fun details of the day including my outfit and accessories :)


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