Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend | February 20 & 21

Happy Monday! Over the weekend, we indulged in good food and sweets, for sure! My father is here visiting and we have been taking him around town.

On Saturday, we checked out the Ybor Chocolate Festival. There were various vendors and food trucks that have some type of chocolate twist in their product. One of my fave food trucks, Twisted Iron, was there and I had their version of Chicken and Waffles with chocolate. The chicken was coated in some type of chocolate  batter. It was quite amazing.

On Sunday, after church, we drove over to Tarpon Springs sponge docks for lunch. If you are ever in the mood for Greek food, this is the place to go! We ate at Hellas and had dessert as well. Seriously, their bakery is a piece of heaven! After we ate, we walked around and looked at local vendors and boats.


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