Monday, May 16, 2016

Hello 32.

If my birthday festivities this weekend and today are any indication of what my 32nd year is going to be like, then I am excited to get started!

This morning the Mr. made me birthday cake pancakes and they were amazing! Recipe here. We skipped on the icing because we knew the pancake themselves would have more than enough sugar. No need to add to it.

He also had a little present for me to open. A notebook that caught my eye one day at Walgreens and then this Hey Girl journal. Made this girl giggle like a fat kid in a candy shop!

The rest of the day was spent as follows: gym, cake batter protein shake for lunch, shopping, and sushi.  Now I'm cuddling with the pups while watching Gilmore Girls. The Mr. is baking cookies and it smells heavenly. Can't wait to eat one (or two)!

So what does 32 feel like? Great! These past couple birthdays, I've had some anxiety about being in my 30's and not being where I thought I would be in life when I got here. But, I've gotten over that. I am ready to take on 32 by its horn and have the year of my life!


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