Wednesday, May 18, 2016

New Lindsay Phillips Sandals!

I have had Lindsay Phillips sandals on my wish list for some time now. This IGer that I stalk follow has a few pairs of these sandals and I just think they are so fun. They are sandals that have interchangeable "snaps" to create a different looks. The idea of interchangeable snaps sounds old lady-ish but I think these are really cute! Could be the whole turning 32 talking here...

I've held off on purchasing them because they aren't quite the cheapest sandals, at least not in my typical sandal budget. However, on Mother's Day, they had a special going on, 20% off your entire purchase (excluding sales). I knew no time better than then to go ahead and make the purchase.

It took me like 45 minutes to decide on what to purchase. Smh. Originally, I was going to purchase one pair of sandals and then a few different snaps but, after some calculations, I saw that I could purchase two pairs of sandals instead. I would save more purchasing both sandals now and could buy more snaps later. Hello savvy shopper!

I went with the Meredith Gold Metallic and the Rosie Navy. I wanted a neutral pair for versatility and then the navy because I own a lot of navy!



Well, the sandals arrived today and I am so happy with my purchase! I am extremely pleased with the quality and they are pretty darn comfortable. When you get older, comfort > cuteness, but these are both! #winning

There is a boutique in the area that carries Lindsay Phillips products, so I plan to visit soon!


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  1. I love the detailing on those sandals! Gorgeous!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules