Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Five | No. 5

TGIF! So ready to get my weekend started! But first, here's a little Friday Five for you...

ONE | Tropical Storm Colin

Not even one week in to hurricane season and we already experienced our first tropical storm. Colin brought in quite a bit of wind and rain to the state of Florida. On Monday night, the wind and rain was on another level. Barely slept that night because it kept waking me up. Fortunately, no damage done to our area and things were back to normal by Tuesday evening.

TWO | DIY Coasters

What do you do when there is a tropical storm and you have to stay home? You make DIY coasters. I was inspired by Kyla Jicha who made a Minnie Mouse coaster out of cork. I got the materials and started getting to work on the Minnie Mouse coaster for the desk in my girl cave. Then, I thought it would be cute to do a donut one for work. Love how they turned out!

THREE | Bath and Body Works Haul

BBW has their semi annual sale going on right now and I had myself a mini shopping spree. I stocked up on my favorite scent, Pretty as a Peach. Also stocked up on some hand sanitizers and hand lotions for my purse.

FOUR | The Max

Who remembers Saved by the Bell? I remember watching it in elementary school at my friends house almost every day. I wanted to be Jessie and was madly in love with A.C Slater. HA! Well, now through August, they have opened up a restaurant, Save by the Max, that is a replica the Max in Chicago. How cool is that? I was so excited about this until I saw that it is just temporary. Boo!


FIVE | Tori Kelly and Andrea Bocelli

I am a huge fan of Andrea Bocelli. This video popped up in my Youtube feed the other day and it is one of my favorite songs. Even had it played during a part of my wedding ceremony. So pretty!



  1. love this my friend! ahhh and the max! so jealous i need to get back asap to see it! great blog and cant wait to read more!

  2. Those coasters are to die for cute! I loved Saved by the Bell as a kid, boo on a temporary replica. I have never smelled pretty as a peach but I love B&BW! Have a great weekend!
    Jess at Just Jess