Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Five | No. 15

Hello Friday. Seriously, images, like the one below, have been my saving grace this week at work. It's been a very challenging week for me and I've had to remind myself "eye of the prize". Just a few more years and I will be moving to a place where I can have views like this one.

Those years could not fly by fast enough!!

Okay, let's get to this week's top five.

ONE | Hallmark Channel 2016 Christmas Schedule

I saw a Hershey's Christmas commercial, the one with the kisses playing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" like bells, and not gonna lie, I got pretty excited. But not as excited as when I saw this article on Facebook!

TWO | Magnolia Journal

I picked up the Magnolia Journal this weekend and finally had a chance to read it. Love it! It did not disappoint. The magazine is full of recipes, home decor, and some thoughtful articles from both. It's shame that it will only be quarterly!

THREE | 73 Questions with Emma Stone

I love watching these videos and I think Emma Stone is just fun! I appreciated this one because I felt like her life was a little more normal. She doesn't live in the mansion like the other people they have interviewed. I laughed out loud with her putting her dog in the raincoat!

FOUR | Victoria Beckham for Target

I was super excited to see this announced!In my cool high school days, I was a huge fan of the Spice Girls and Posh was my fave. #aintnoshameinmygame I'm excited to see what this line will look like. This will probably be the closest I will ever get to a Victoria Beckham item because her real fashion line is worth more than my life. J/k No but really.

FIVE | Gilmore Girl Funko Pop Collection

We all know my obsession with Gilmore Girls (34 more days til the Revival!!), so when I saw this pop on my FB feed I immediately share the news with my husband. I expect to have all three of these cuties wrapped under the Christmas tree for me!!


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