Sunday, October 16, 2016

Read | Secrets of a Charmed Life

After reading a few self-help books back to back, I wanted to give my brain a break and read something fictional. While perusing the books at Target, the cover of this book, Secrets of a Charmed Life, caught my eye. When I read the synopsis on the back and saw that the storyline was based in the 40's, I knew it was the book for me. 

When I first started reading it, my initial thought was 'this author is very descriptive'. What she said in three paragraphs, could have been said in one sentence. At first this was a turn off for me, as I am so used to self-help books that are straight to the point, but I grew to appreciate it. The chapters are short which is perfect for me as I like to use a new chapter as a stopping point. Anybody else hate stopping in the middle of a chapter?

It jumps from present day, where a college student is interviewing an elderly lady, to past, where she recounts her experience growing up during WWII which she kept a secret for decades. As she told her story, I was glued and found it hard to put the book down! I don't want to give away too many details (because it's totally worth you reading), but she endures so much loss at an early age and secretly ends up taking up another person's name and identity. 

I finished reading the book while on vacation and enjoyed it so much that I stopped by a Barnes & Noble in Portsmouth and grabbed another book by Susan Meissner, A Fall of Marigolds. So far, I am loving it as well. I am halfway through the book already! Read about 100 pages on the plane ride back. A blog post about it to come soon, I'm sure!


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