Thursday, October 20, 2016

Travel | Boston, Massachusetts

For the second half of our New England trip, we stayed in Boston. We rented a room through a private rental located in the Southeast End.

Right down the corner of where we were staying, there was a Buttery Bakery & Cafe where we grabbed coffee and breakfast a couple times. This avocado toast was delicious! We purchased all these ingredients (bread, avocado, lemon, and pumpkin seeds) while grocery shopping to make it at home.

The first full day in Boston, we hopped on a subway train to go to the city and do the Freedom Trail. Lordy. Thank goodness for the husband and being able to navigate through all the different train lines. Had it not been for him, I would have ended up in some other state.

Faneuil Hall
We ended our walk at the USS Constitution site and took a ferry back to the city. Which was perfect because my poor feet were killing by the end of the trail.

The second full day in Boston, we hopped on the train and headed over to the Harvard University Campus. We read and heard that this campus was a must see in Boston. It really a beautiful campus. I loved the gates at each entrance of the campus.

Harvard Square
We grabbed brunch at Tatte Bakery and Cafe which is off the main street next to the university. This place is seriously all the rave. Food was so good!

Our next stop was the Boston Public Library. Guys. This place is beautiful. Makes me *sigh* thinking that we don't have beautiful libraries like this in Tampa. Such a shame.

Courtyard area in the library

Seriously, this room made me want to go back to school and study here.

While we waited for our tea reservation time, we walked over the Boston Gardens.

After some shopping for souvenirs, we went back to the Library to have our afternoon tea.

Boston was great. Loved the history and beautiful architecture of the old buildings. Would I want to live there? No. A little to busy for this girl. But a great place to visit for sure.

One more post coming about our New England trip. Stay tuned!


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