Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend | October 15 & 16

It's the Monday after a week vacation. Enough said. 

Our Saturday was spent traveling back home from our vacation. We took one flight from Manchester to Baltimore and the second flight from Baltimore to Tampa. Fortunately, the flights themselves weren't too bad. I was able to keep myself entertained reading.

On Sunday, after groceries and a couple loads of laundry, we decided to head over to Safety Harbor for the Fall Shabby Chic Vintage Market & Artisan Day.

Boy was it HOT! When we got there, we did a quick walk through to see what vendors were there, and by the time we finished that walk through I felt I was melting.

I needed some reprieve from the heat so we grabbed lunch at The Sandwich on Main. First time we've been there and we are definitely going back again!! My sandwich on the bottom of the picture was delicious! Not pictured, was the BEST. CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE. EVER. No lie. 

After lunch, we did another walk through of the vendors and left. I didn't find anything that screamed "take me home".  I was a little disappointed. But I will say, that after seeing the selection there, I really should look into opening up a shop. I definitely see a possibility for me.


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