Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend | October 22 and 23

Hello Monday and hello friends. This weekend was the first time in FL that it kinda felt like Fall (Florida Fall that is). It was definitely weather to take advantage of and be outdoors or drive with the windows down, sunroof open. I am really hoping that we get some more of that beautiful weather in the next few months.


I have been trying to make it to Magic Kingdom these past few weeks to go see the Fall decor and we finally had a chance to yesterday. We finally have some decent weather down here in FL so it was perfect for a day at Disney. Which, everyone in the state of FL must have thought the same because it was packed! We got there around 3:30 and the wait into the parking was unusually long. We only stayed maybe an hour because we wanted to head over to Epcot for the Food and Wine Festival. We got into our cars and reached Epcot and the line to get through parking entrance was ridiculous. By the time we finally pulled up to the attendant, she notified us that the parking full and everyone is being redirected to Magic Kingdom for parking. Where we just came from.

So, we scratched Epcot and went over to Disney Springs instead. We had dinner at one of the new restaurants there, Chef Art Smith's Homecoming Florida Kitchen, a southern country type food. The restaurant itself is so nice and the food was really good. Definitely a must if you are ever in the area.


Photo cred thanks to the bestie
On Sunday I finally got to meet this little cutie! The bestie had him earlier this month and due to work commitments and my vacation, I haven't been able to see him. He is to precious for words. I just wanted to cuddle with him and stare at him. His first impression of me is probably that I am a creeper. LOL.

Now, it's back to the work grind. This week, my goal is a little more Jesus and a little more exercise. Last week was a very challenging week for me. Partially because it was my first week back after an amazing vacation, but a huge part is just work related. To not lose my mind and have a breakdown, I need to do some more stuff after work instead of just going home and doing nothing. I plan on going to the women's meet at my church tonight and try to make it to the gym at least three times this week. Let's see how this goes...

Happy Monday y'all!


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