Tuesday, November 1, 2016

2016 Fall Shows

Guys. It's November 1st. We are already half way through Fall folks.

I'm going to let that statement sink in for a moment. 

Something I always look forward to when the Fall season starts are the TV shows. New seasons. New Series.

Typically, I have a slew of shows that I watch, but this season I only have three shows that I am watching.

Anybody else watching this? I am totally enjoying it so far! I was originally drawn to it because it has Mandy Moore which I realize could make it a hit or miss. But, seriously, such a good show. By all the posts I see on Facebook, I am not alone in this opinion.

This show is in it's second season. I started watching this show by accident one day. While flipping through channels, I caught Jordana Brewster ( remember Mia from Fast and Furious movies??) on a scene and just started watching it. It's a mystery type show so I'm sucked in to figuring out who did the crime. However, I will say, not sure how I feel about Juliette Lewis playing a detective.

Ahh, my beloved Vampire Diaries is in it's final season. When this show started I was hooked, for several seasons and then Nina Dobrev left the show and I was turned off from watching. In my experience, when a main character from a show leaves the show, it goes downhill. At least that is how I felt about One Tree Hill when Chad Michael Murray and Hillary Burton left. Well, my friend still continued to watch TVD and sucked me back into the show. Still not sure how I feel about the show, but I am totally loving the Enzo/Bonnie relationship.

What shows are you watching this Fall?


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