Saturday, November 5, 2016

Read | A Fall of Marigolds

After finishing Secrets of a Charming Life by Susan Meissner (read my post about it here) while on vacation, I decided to pick up another book by her to read. I finished it last weekend and enjoyed this book as well!

The book goes between the lives of two ladies, Clara (1911) and Taryn (2011), whose stories are linked by a scarf of marigolds. Clara is a nurse on Ellis Island and she first comes across this scarf while nursing back an immigrant man. The scarf belonged to his wife who died of scarlet fever on the boat they arrived. Taryn is a widow of a victim in the 9/11 attacks and she first comes across this scarf, the day of the attacks and it helps save her life. The stories of both characters have heart break but end with a chance to future happiness. 

This was another great read. A nice mental break from the day to day work grind.


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