Friday, December 15, 2017

Christmas at Disney

Happy Friday friends! In case you didn't realize it, we have TEN days until Christmas! EEK!

This week we checked off another item on my Christmas bucket list. We went to Disney to see all the Christmas decorations!

On Tuesday, we took the day off to go to Disney. We've been doing this for the past couple years. It can get real cray-cray at Disney on the weekends during the holidays and I ain't a fan of huge crowds. Going during the week is the way to go, kids are still in school and most people are working. . The weather was perfect with temps in the high 60's/low 70's and while there was quite the crowd, it wasn't too nuts.

We started the day of going to First Watch for breakfast. I 💗 that place.

Here are some fun shots I took of the decor down Main Street.


I wore my Dachshund through the snow shirt, of course. I received so many compliments do the shirt which I didn't expect. There are lots of Doxie loves out there!

After walking around the park, we headed over to the Grand Floridian for lunch at the Grand Floridian Cafe. Really, I just wanted to see the life size Gingerbread House.

They had a demonstration on how to decorate a gingerbread house. I got some good tips for when we decorate ours next week 😉

Lastly, a picture of my first pair of Mickey Ears! I know, I've been a Disney pass holder for years and I just now got my first pair. Honestly, these suckers are tight on the head. LOL But for the rose gold 😍, I am willing to bear the headaches for adorable they are!! Hoping they stretch out after some time. 

I am looking forward to this weekend. Lots of Christmas parties to go too! Have a great weekend!


Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Cards

This weekend was a very chill weekend for us. The Mr. has been sick and with the drop in temperatures, we decided to stay indoors on Saturday and relax. I took advantage of the down time to fill out our Christmas cards to send.

Every year, I tell myself that we are going to get pictures done so we can have photo Christmas cards. It never happens. -_-

I still wanted to send cards so I picked up these adorable ones from TJMaxx. I am a little obsessed with the whole red truck/car carrying a Christmas tree look. I have a lot of decorations with it. Too cute!

I wanted to be a little extra and purchased some cute washi tape to decorate the envelopes.

I tasked the Mr. to purchase cute Christmas stamps and he comes back with Mary and baby Jesus. Now don't get me wrong, I totally understand that He is the reason for the season, BUT I was hoping for, I don't know... ornaments? Wreaths? Something cutesy.

While getting ideas on Pinterest for the envelopes, I came across the site Zazzle where you can get custom stamps. I found some of the cutest stamps that I may purchase next year!




How precious are those?!? Wayyyy overpriced but totally worth how cute they are!


Saturday, December 9, 2017

80s Roller Skate Team Outing & Work Holiday Party

A couple times a year, our team will have a team outing to break away from the day to day work grind and just have fun together. Well this team outing, my senior manager planned an 80's theme roller skating outing for our team. We had a pizza party and had the whole skating rink to ourselves for two hours. It honestly was my fave team outing to date! Took me back to my childhood days and the fun I had back then.... Of course, the recovery after skating did not take as long as it did this time around.

I was really worried about how my hip would do skating but I managed to skate the whole time and did not bust NOT ONCE! I can't say the same for some of the other gals there. There were a lot of airborne falls and some good bruising going on. Haha!

A full shot of my outfit.

Pink Tee Shirt $3 from Walmart, Orange tee and workout pants from my closet, black beads $1 from Walmart, and black mesh headband made with black mesh $1 from Walmart. 80's outfit on a budget!!

On Friday evening, we got fancied up and went to our work holiday party. We haven't been to one in a few years due to conflict with other plans we had, so we were excited to be able to go. It was at a new place, Armature Works, here in the area that is still under construction so that made things a little interesting.

I wish I had a better shot of my dress. I loved it and it was so comfy! I received soo many compliments as well. I got the dress from Macy's and the purse which I fell in love with as well from Charming Charlie.

Here are some other pictures I took throughout the evening...

Love this picture with my boo lookin' all dapper <3 He was a trooper cause he is recovering from some type of cold or flu and still managed to be in good spirits.

A couple champagnes in... we were feeling really good! Ha!

It's not often that we get all dressed up, so it was nice to throw on a fancy dress and some heels and dance the night away!


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Gift Guide {Bestie Edition}

Today we are talking Christmas Gift Guide for the bestie! I love giving gifts as much as I love receiving them although sometimes I have a hard time with some friends.

When it comes to gifts, I prefer to give a lot of small thing and make a cute arrangement in a basket or box. TJ Maxx and Marshalls are perfect stores to get cute gift items at a good price. Below are some items that I would look for to create the perfect gift basket.

Deluxe Better Than Sex Ornament | Fresh Sugar Rose Lip TreatmentLC Lauren Conrad Velour Bunny Ear Ballet Slippers with Sleep Mask | Tory Burch Mini Deluxe Duo | Time is Now Daily Notepads | Marble Journal with Gold FoilVermeil Prosecco Rose Corta Maison Candle | S’ip by S’well Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle | The Year of Cozy book

Makeup - What girl doesn't love makeup? This is an easy item to shop for. You can buy one of your favorite beauty products or of your friends if you know it. During the holidays, they always have cute packaging, like ornaments, which add some Christmas feels to the gift.

Slippers/Eye Mask - How adorable are these?? Honestly, I want to get them for myself! What gal wouldn't want to cozy up in the slippers?

Perfume - This can be a tricky gift to pick out. I say go for the minis, if they like the scent, awesome, if not they make cute decor pieces.

Note Pad - Cute office supplies make working or doing homework just a bit more fun!

Journals - I'm of the belief that you can never have too many journals. I think gifting a journal is perfect to help the bestie start the new year with a blank slate where they can jot down their goals and dreams.

Candles - Again. Can't go wrong with a cute candle.

Travel bottles - Help the bestie start the new year off on the right step of drinking more water in a cute new travel cup! I have a S'ip bottle (with doxies on them!) and it really does keep your water cold for a long time! I always fill mine up when I am going out to run errands because it always keeps my water cool, even in the mid summer Florida heat.

The Year of Cozy by Adrianna Adarme - I love these types of books that are full of recipes, crafts, and pretty pictures. This book paired with the slippers and a candle = perfect gift combo! You're welcome!

I hope these tips help make Christmas shopping a little easier for you!


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday Entertaining Tips & Tricks

Today we are talking tips and tricks for hosting holiday parties. Now that I have a couple parties that I've hosted in our house under my belt, I've been able to pick up a few tips and tricks when it comes to the planning process.

The Guest List
When creating my guest list, I try to make sure that all guests will have someone to talk to and that it's a good mix. My guest list typically consists of friends from work, church and then people I've known for some time. I try to stick to around 15 people max because I don't really have a lot of seating in my house. If I invite 15 people, typically about 10 of the 15 attend which is usually a amount. Especially considering that I don't really have a ton of seating in my house. This is where not having a whole lotta friends is a benefit. Ha!

The Invite
Call me old fashion, but I love nothing more than sending actual cards in the mail. I love receiving them even more! But when it comes to invites for parties at my house, I will typically go the "virtual" route and send an online invitation. You can find several options on the internet but my go to is Evite. They have tons of options for invites that can fit every occasion. The best part is that they are free, with the exception of the Premium options.

Here are a few cute ones that I saw.

Facebook also has a feature to create an event and invite to people. The only limitation with that is that all your guests need to have Facebook.

The Food
You can't have a party and not have food. Now this is something that can really eat up your budget. To not spend too much, I will typically start the party any time after 7pm and note in my invite that light refreshments will be provided. This way my guests will have dinner before coming to my party.

Pinterest makes creating a menu so easy. I really don't what we did before in the days before it existed! I will create my menu a couple weeks before by looking through Pinterest - including a few food items and a fun holiday drink.

Once I've decided on the menu, I will do groceries a couple days before the main event. If there is anything that needs chopping up or can be prepared in advance, I do it. I think one of my first parties that I hosted I did the grocery shopping and preparing on day of and I was dead before the party even started. Learned my lesson. Do this in advance!

The Decor
Paper goods, e'er thing!! I did our regular plates for Thanksgiving dinner and there was a lot of clean up! Ain't nobody got time for that. Lesson learned. We are hosting Christmas with the in-laws and I am sticking to paper plates! You can find cute paper plates/napkins for the holidays at TJMaxx or Homegoods for cheappppp.

If you want to get a little extra, you can find cute printables to dress up the paper/plastic goods to look fancy! Love this utensil holder idea!

The Entertainment
The parties I host typically involve some type of activity such as my Annual Pumpkin Painting Party. This gives your party guests something to do and avoid the awkward silent moments of everyone just sitting around.

A blogger that I have followed for years, Katie (from Dashing Dish), hosts a Gingerbread House decorating contest and it is the cutest! Proof that gingerbread house decorating isn't just for kids!

I also like to have music in the background in case there happen to be any moments that no one is talking. Background music helps avoid the awkward silence moments. Just don't put the music too loud! You don't want to make your guests feel they need to talk really loud or leave with a headache. My go to is the Sounds of the Season on demand TV. I know. Pretty old school. If you have a blue tooth speaker, then of course use your preferred music streaming of choice.

I hope these tips and tricks help you for any holiday parties you may be hosting this month!


Monday, December 4, 2017

My Christmas Wishlist

Every year, I create a list of items that I would like for Christmas to give to Santa aka the husband. It makes Christmas shopping easier for him. He will purchase a couple items off the list and sometimes throw in something that he thought of on his own. At least Christmas shopping will be easy for one of us since he didn't give me any list this year! -_-

Below are some of the items on this year's wishlist.

Fresh Sugar Lip Prep N Paint - I've been using invisalign for almost a year now and since using them, I've noticed my lips to be dry. The lips could definitely use some pampering!

Fresh Holiday Glow Skincare Set - I've been using the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve moisturizer and eye cream for a couple months now which I've enjoyed. It doesn't break my out either which is a plus. I would like to try out some more facial products from Fresh and little collections like this is perfect to test the products before purchasing full sizes.

Sigma Beauty Basic Eyes Kit - Okay, I've wanted these makeup brushes for entirely too long. While I would love to have the full kit, I realize that it's quite the $$$ purchase, I think the eye kit is a good start.

Tampa Bay Rays Hat and Women's Tee - After going to the football game last month, I've been on this kick to go to more sports events. I am a big fan of baseball so I am going to try to get the Mr. and I to go more often.

2018 Day Designer Planner - It's no surprise, I love planners. I have heard so much about this planner that I really want to try it this year!

Gilmore Girls wall calendar - Umm. This calendar was made for me. Gilmore Girls and Donuts?! Yes, please!

Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow poster - Seriously, if I could live in Stars Hollow, I would. I love this poster of the town. It would be a perfect addition to my girl cave.

Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life DVD set - I don't have NetFlix so I would love to own the DVDs so I can watch again.

I will be curious to see what the Mr. Santa picks out this year :)

What are you asking your "Santa" for this year?


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Ladies Night Out!

Last night, I went out with some ladies from work to go watch the movie Bad Moms Christmas and then did a little late night Karaoke. We did it up a little fancy by going to a Cinebistro for dinner and movie. I think the last time that I went to the Cinebistro was back when the Twilight Series were coming out in theaters. It's been a hot minute!

I got the Barnyard Chicken Sandwich and white wine. Great pairing, right? LOL

The movie was good. There were certainly some funny parts but it was a little overkill for me. Trying to hard to be funny if that makes sense. Kevin, from This Is Us, is in this movie... Let's just say, that I'm not sure I can watch him in the same way again. LOL

After the movies, we headed up to a nearby liquor store/bar, JAN's "with the backward N". One of the ladies in the group pointed that out as soon as we got to the place. Let's just say this place is a little whole in the wall but it was BUMPIN'! I was quite surprised when we walked in and I saw how many people were there. Plus, they had karaoke going on and that pretty much sealed the deal for us.

Here are some fun shots of the singing that was going down.

The random dude with the hat was not part of our group. I am thinking he works there. But he would start playing his harmonica for songs that he could play too. Random, but funny.

We stayed there until about 1:45 in the morning! I don't remember the last time I stayed out that late. Not even for New Years. HAHA. Wild things that we are!