Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hello 2017.

A few days late...

Happy New Year!

What? Yes. It's 2017. Anyone else thrown by that? I mean, I remember writing my 2016 post like it was yesterday.

So, let's talk about 2016. It was an alright year. I wouldn't say it was my best year. I started off strong and then by the end of it, I felt like it swallowed me whole, chewed me up and spit me out.... then stepped on me. #realtalk Hence the lack of posts.

Thankfully the Mr and I planned a little vacation to Asheville, the last week of December, which allowed me to break away and get some much needed R&R.

Now that we are back, I am ready to take on 2017.

More posts to come about my goals and focus for this year.

Cheers to 2017!

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