Tuesday, August 1, 2017

May Designs Planner and Notebook

Hello first day of August and hello first day using my May Designs Planner! A friend of mine gifted me a planner and notebook from May Designs for my birthday and the planner started in August. I have been counting down the days for when I could start using them.

Please excuse the "I took these pictures at work with my i-phone" images. I know it ain't all fancy but you get the idea. 

For those of you who don't know about May Designs, you can pretty much customize them from cover to cover. They have all kinds of patterns, page layouts, fonts and colors to choose from which sounds both awesome and overwhelming. I have tried designing something myself in the past but I could never decide on a design! Fortunately, she did the job for me and a good job I might add.

I've held off on using the notebook because I wanted to start using it when I started the planner. My plan is to really use this planner and notebook for my blog planning. I am really trying to be more consistent on this blog and with my sometimes long work days, I need to plan posts ahead. I am hoping that a little pre-planning will help me get more posts done.


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