Monday, January 27, 2014

See Jane Work

While perusing my daily blog reads this morning, I came across this blog post that featured a new line of office supplies at Office Depot, See Jane Work. After reading the post and seeing all the cute pictures, I immediately went to their site to view all the new products myself. Oh, and make a wishlist as well.

Ask me who Jane is, I have no idea, but I love these designs! (Founder is actually Holly and there is a bio of her on their site, if you're curious)

Black and white stripes, polka dots and bows, oh my! Screams me. I already have a shopping trip planned for this week. Maybe I can go by tonight. Yes, I am a nerd. Proud of it.

Here are some of the items I hope to find while there...


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Style: Tortoise Shell Watches

I have been on the search for a tortoise shell watch, especially for the summer time. I've seen the color combinations with bright colors, like pink, and I love it.

Surprisingly, there aren't as many options as I thought there would be, but I did find a few that I liked. I felt like each fit a different type of occasion (I guess you can say), although they would work any time and any where, of course.

Of the three, I would have to say my top pick would be the second one. I like that the majority of it is the tortoise shell but has a little bling to make it a little more girly. The Michael Kors is too much shell where as the Kate Spade is not enough.
Oh and did I mention the Fossil is more than half the price of the others?? Win.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Wonderland.

Today is the last day of our winter vacation and I am taking in the views while sitting on the couch in my pajamas. It's been over ten years since I've been back in my hometown in Ohio during the winter.  Too long.

I've been looking forward to seeing snow this trip and Mother Nature did not fail me. The snow fall has not let up all day. According to the weatherman, it's not going to either. It is so pretty to watch. Not so much to drive in. Gonna make for an interesting drive back home, that's for sure.

Good thing today I can stay in and just enjoy it.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014


My prayer for this year is to live simple and with purpose. I feel like I say this every new year. The older you get, the more you begin to realize that the most wonderful things in life are free.

God. Family. Friends. Life. Music. Art. 

I want to fully enjoy those things. I admit that some are easier to do than others. (If you met my family, you would understand.)  But this is my heart's desire.

Cheers to a new year and opportunity to make new memories!