Monday, March 31, 2014

Monthly Favorites: March

Some of my favorites from this month are:


Bath & Body Works Coconut Leaves Candle. If you like the smell of suntan oil, you will love this candle. I need to go back and stock up on another candle and get some wall flowers.


Dessert Skittles. Had this at my friend's house for T's Bachelorette party and immediately bought a bag the next day. So yummy.

For Christmas, my mom gave me a little perfume sample box from Victoria Secrets, and I have been reaching for this sample the most. It's on my to-buy list. That bottle alone has me sold. So cute.

Okay, read this book in like four days. Loved it that much. Can't believe I didn't enjoy it in high school. Probably cause I didn't care for reading. Oh, how have times changed. Will talk a little more about this on another post.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Asheville, NC 2014

Hello friends! You may or may have known that the Mr. and I were on vacation this past week celebrating our three year anniversary. We went to Asheville, North Carolina where is the place we honeymooned. Yes, we loved it that much that we went again.

This time however, we rented a mini cabin to stay for the week. It was charmingly called the Joy Chalet. It was such a cute place! It was nicely decorated and really felt like a home away from home.

The first full day we were there, we really just got settled in, did a little grocery shopping and made arrangements for our time at the Biltmore Estate. 

On Tuesday, we were off to the Biltmore Estate for the Vanderbilt Family and Friends Tour. We knew the weather wasn't going to be great, high chance of rain all day, so we wanted to do things in doors. 

Seriously, I can't even imagine what it must have been like to call this home. Gorgeous.

It was quite a chilly day, so we stopped by the bake shop to get something warm to drink.

Much to our surprise, after doing a little shopping in the gift shop, we came out to snow flurries! It literally snowed on and off that whole day. I must say, it was a sweet surprise.

After our tour, we had high tea at the Biltmore Inn. I took this picture of the fireplace we sat near while we waited to be seated. I would like one of these in my dream home, please.

Due to the weather being colder than we expected, our plans for day two at the Biltmore Estate kinda went to shambles. We wanted to walk some trails and enjoy the outdoors but the cold was too much for this Florida girl. Really my face couldn't take it. Felt like needles against my skin. So we didn't stay too long on the property that day.

The rest of our time there, we site-seed, walked at a park with Graice, and visited downtown Asheville.

Picked up some treats for ourselves.

Even found a Dog Bakery and got a treat for Miss Gracie Lou.

Enjoyed a couple dinners there. For our anniversary meal, we ate at this little French restaurant, Bouchon. Nicely lit and just a cool ambiance. I took pictures but I think I've posted enough pictures on this post. Don't want to bore you all.

We got back Friday and although I love being in the mountains, it is nice to get back to normalcy. Especially with Gracie, who didn't get comfortable at all in NC.

Now it's back to reality for us. But that doesn't mean we can't start planning and counting down to our next vacation!


Thursday, March 27, 2014


Today, the Mr. and I celebrate three years of wedded bliss. Really? Three years?! It doesn't feel like three years. It feels much less although the Mr. may say it feels longer. Ha.

I think we can both agree that it has been an amazing three years. We've learned, laughed, loved, and argued together. I know I have learned a lot these past three year and believe that I am a better person because of him. We compliment each other and really work great as a team.  What a difference it makes, when you marry the right person.

I look forward to the next fifty plus years with this guy. Each year will be better than the year before.

S - I love you to the moon and back.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Book Review: Knowing Your Value

Okay, I must start with a confession. This book took me months to read. Shameful. I started this book in the fall and couldn't get the motivation to read it. Until a couple weeks ago, where I made it a point to get through this book because I have a pile of books waiting to be read.

Mika Brzezinski shares her story working in the media industry and not being paid her worth. She was co-host on the Morning with Joe show, and Joe made a lot more money than she did even though she contributed the same to the show which lead to its success. So she talks about this struggle she had about settling when it came to her salary and then reaching a point where she was done settling.

In addition to her own personal story, she interviews various women and men to get their opinion on knowing your value. Some of the people she interviewed included people like Sheryl Sandberg and Donald Trump. It was interesting to see the different point of views of value and how to get what you deserve.

So my thoughts on this book.... not sure how I feel about it. If I'm to be honest. Some of Mika's suggestions are gutsy and I feel would land me with a pink slip. Don't get me wrong, I totally get where she is coming from but her approach may not work in every case. For me, it is difficult to demand more money when I am offered a job. Not sure if it's because of the type of company I work for, but I think demanding more money is asking for that job offer to be revoked. I can't take that chance. I am that woman that she talks about in the book. Haha.

I'm excited to start my next book. Taking a break from the Career type books and going to read The Great Gatsby.


Saturday, March 22, 2014


Last night the Mr. and I went to see the Broadway Musical, Evita. We got there a tad early.... as in one hour and a half early. Thank you husband. To kill some time, I got coffee at a near by coffee shop and took a stroll by the river. Good thing the weather was beautiful. Great opportunity for a photo.


Music was amazing. It was basically all musical, not much talking which apparently the husband wasn't a fan of. There were lots of moments where I either got the goosebumps or wanted to get up and dance! Seriously, the Argentinian Tango is just a beautiful dance. It's inspired me to want to take dance lessons. Let's see if this rhythmless, uncoordinated Latina can learn to dance the Argentinian Tango.

I loved the music, the dancing and storyline. When I was younger I watched the movie Evita with Madonna and Antonio Banderas and loved it too. I used to have the movie in VHS but that got lost along the way. Now, after watching the show, I want to buy both DVD and soundtrack! Debating between getting the movie soundtrack or the musical soundtrack.


Friday, March 21, 2014

It's Official!

I got the call yesterday! They provided me the job offer and I accepted it. Duh. This is a huge promotion for me. Can we talk about how happy I am to have received the call? Seriously, the wait time was killing me.

As you know, I interviewed on Monday and it was a panel style interview. So three managers on one side of the table and me on the other. No pressure, right? I, of course, left the interview feeling ehh. I knew some questions I blew away but then wasn't too sure of the other ones. But since accepting the offer, I have been receiving great feedback on my interview! They were all blown away by not only my presentation and articulation, but also the questions I brought to the table. Gotta make sure I save those for the future. So this was a huge compliment for me and really makes me feel better about the interview. Apparently, I am not giving myself enough credit.

Since Monday, I had been hearing different things on when I would receive the call and if I would have to have a second interview. Some people did in the past and some didn't. Then, it started sounding like I would hear something by today for sure. I had my mind set that I would hear on Friday, so when I got the call yesterday I was surprised. A good surprise. But what was hilarious about it all, is that since in our office floor, we don't really have desks, we are at big tables... I had to try to be inconspicuous as I walked away to have the call. Yeah, once I arrived, my facial expression alone gave away my news. My team was just as thrilled which makes me feel even better!

Can't wait to begin this new journey. I know I've already been doing it for the past few months, but now I have the actual job title. It feels like my road to this has taken longer than I would have wanted. I encountered some set backs but did not give up. Which I think is most important.


A great start to my weekend for sure. Let the celebrating begin!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hello Spring.


Today is the first day of Spring. Although I love winter and snow, I am definitely ready to start experiencing pretty weather and wear fun colors.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patty's Day Celebration.

Last night, we celebrated St. Patty's at life group with the girls. My friend Val, the other co-lead, her daughter and I decorated her place Sunday evening. Her house was an explosion of green, shamrocks and rainbows! Here are some pics...

Valerie made chocolate cake in these heart shaped tins. How creative is this??

Sopapilla Cheesecake died green. Delicious!

A DIY idea we got from Pinterest. Rolos at the bottom, layered skittles and marshmellows up top.

Rainbow fruit platter and the famous fruit dip. Got the rainbow idea from Pinterest as well.

These are chicken stuffed pastries. SO GOOD.

Hello, rainbow wall.

Shamrock banner we made.

We needed to have some veggies to counter-balance the sugar.

The adorable signage her daughter made :)

Finally, a little pic of Val and me. Funny how the lighting gave the image a glow.  
Hope everyone had a fun and safe St. Patty's day!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Renaissance Festival.

Top of the mornin' to ya! Happy St. Patricks day! Unfortunately, I'm not sporting any green at work because I have my interview today, but will be changing into something green for tonight. We are having a lil St. Patty celebration at Life Group tonight and have asked everyone to wear green. I will take pictures of that for a post.

So, this weekend was a very busy weekend for me. Saturday I was asked to be a wedding planner, found my outfit for today then celebrated my friend's last girl's night as a single lady. Well, Sunday was just as busy! We had church in the morning and then went to the Renaissance Festival. It's an annual event that last for about a month. I have never been and boy was it a scene. Every one working there were in full character mode! I am sure I had some facial expressions or two when I saw some of the outfits. Some people have no shame I tell you.

Beware, I took a ridiculous amount of pictures.

The queen strolling by in the parade.


Oh yes, there were lots of fairies. Some cute, some not so much.

S and I getting are grub on. I was starving so this was our first mission.


S wanted to do the Archery. One of the few things I felt could be safe for him to do. Throwing axes was not one of them.


No Renaissance Festival would be right without a Jousting. Even the Queen was in attendance, sitting under the tent while the rest of us little people roasted in the sun.

Overall, fun time. However, there were some lessons to be learned. One, wear tennis shoes. As you can probably tell in the picture, the whole event was in a wooden area and lots of dirt. Unknowingly, I wore sandals. Yeah, by the end of our time there, our feet were filthy. As soon as I got home I immediately jumped in the shower and got to scrubbing! Second, avoid going on a windy day. In theory, having a breeze sounds nice to cool yourself down, not so much when there is dirt everywhere. I got dirt in my eyes so many times that by the end of the day, my eyes were burning! Didn't matter that I had sunglasses on. Dirt still managed to get in my eyes. Now I know for next time!