Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Bucket List 2014.

It's that time friends.

Crisp cool air, fall foliage, scarves, boots...

Oh wait.

I'm in Florida. We don't get those luxuries. It's rain, followed by humidity.

Oh, joy.

To not be a total debbie downer... I am still trying to enjoy the season and have created a fall bucket list. In reviewing my Fall Bucket list from last year, not many changes to the list. What can I say, I'm a creature of habit.

Fall Roadtrip - As we try to do every year, we have a road trip planned. This time we are going to another part of Georgia. Staying at a friend's cabin for the week. I could not be more ready for a vacation!

Pumpkin Painting - I painted a pumpkin last year and totally enjoyed it! Will be doing this again for sure.

Fall Baking - Let me have all things pumpkin. I've been looking for recipes to have the Mr. bake. Top on the list are these Skinny Mini Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins from none other than Skinny Taste. Need I say more? #getinmybelly #nomnom

Disney - A couple years ago I went to Disney during the Fall time and I absolutely loved how they decorated for the season. I want to go again just for the decor. That's normal, right?

Short and sweet. Which from my failed attempt with my summar bucket list, perhaps this will be more atainable.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Meal Plan: Week 5

Guys. Lately, I have had a sick obsession with oatmeal. It has been my breakfast meal of choice every time I am home. Cinnamon oatmeal with bananas and walnuts to be exact. As if I were some 80 something...Which, I could easily fall into that age category in other ways than just my love for oatmeal.

In my defense, I got the idea from one of the Mowry sisters. Don't remember which. But one of them posted a picture on their IG account of having this. I tried it and loved it. It's like a banana bread oatmeal. A-MAZING!

Doesn't always look that "nice". Only for picture taking purposes.

I want to try some concoction with pumpkin. Duh, it's Fall. All things Pumpkin is a must.

Okay, on to the purpose of this post. Meal Plan for the week. With my slacking in the blogging world, there has been a hiatus on my meal plan posts. Not to say, I haven't been meal planning, because that has continued.

So I am here with this week's meal plan.

All recipes courtesy of Skinny Taste. I seriously love her blog. I'm sure she gets a thousand hits on her blog a week from me alone. And, even better news.... she came out with a skinnytaste cook book!

It's on my to-buy list.


Sunday, September 21, 2014

LC gets hitched.

Confession. I own the first two seasons of Laguna Beach on DVD. I was a fan. Lauren Conrad was one of my faves. When she started The Hills, I was excited and began to watch it as well. I remember I ran and bought the Natasha Bedingfield CD so that I could drive to Unwritten in the car like she did during the show intro. Remember that song? In case you forgot and need a trip in time.

That was my jam!

Then I got over the whole reality show thing by the end of the first season. My brain can only take so much fake drama.

However, my girl crush on LC has not. I have a few items from the Lauren Conrad line at Kohls. Own her Style and Beauty books. Follow her blog daily. Saw all the updates leading up to her nuptials.

When I saw that US Weekly did a feature on her recent wedding, it was an immediate throw the issue in the cart for me. A must have to my collection of other wedding features I have such as Miss Carrie Underwoods.

Beautiful, per usual. She has that sun-kissed glow that I envy. Her dresses (ceremony and reception) were pretty. Won't say that I was extremely impressed. I think for a fashion designer I expected more. But, it did fit her effortless style and the wedding theme.

The wedding over all was pretty too. I loved the details she had of the arrow and apple after her beau's name. How cute is that?

Guess who else made an appearance on the bridal party list??? Lo Bosworth! Another fave of mine from Laguna Beach. I was curious if she would have any of the girls from Laguna Beach or The Hills. I think it was an obvious that they were truly friends and not part of the act for the shows.

Alright that's enough gushing over these girls. Back to painting my nails and watching Eclipse on FX. My. Kind. Of. Weekend.