Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Amicalola Falls 2015

A couple weekends ago, the Mr and I took our annual Fall road trip up north to see the fall foliage.

While doing some research for a place to stay, I came across Amicalola Falls Lodge. The picture on the website showed it on top of a mountain with the perfect view of the trees and mountains. Since we weren't taking the pups with us, we were able to stay in a lodge without worries of them barking and disrupting other guests. So we planned a little weekend getaway.

I was so happy with this place. As soon as you walk through the entrance you are greeted with these ginormous windows and breathtaking view. By the way, the same beautiful view we had from our room! The foyer had a cozy cabin feel to it. Right outside the main common area, there is a balcony with seating that I enjoyed relaxing at after breakfast.

A photo op with the huge stuffed teady bear was a must.

After breakfast, we headed over to the falls to do the trail. From the lodge, we started at the top of the falls and then made our way down. Then had to trek back up. 

We were a couple hours away from Asheville, NC and planned a day trip there. Another plus of not having the pups with us! We planned a horse backing riding session and then a roof top tour. A couple moments of anxiety for this girl who isn't the biggest fan of heights, but overall a nice experience!

We had lunch at Blue Ridge and enjoyed some coffee and dessert and this cute bank turned coffee shop. 

Yes, that is a box of cupcakes that we got from the cupcake shop. Don't judge.

The weather was perfect. A nice reprieve from this hot Florida weather for sure. I was able to wear long sleeve shirts and boots without looking absolutely ridiculous.

Seeing these pictures is making me wish I were back!