Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Five | No. 12

Well, this week has been one for the books. Quite the emotional roller coaster and I am happy that it is over!

Let's start off this Friday Five with a dose of cuteness...

ONE | Purina Puppyhood Back to Work

I just love these videos! I can totally relate to the concern of leaving our four legged babies at home all day while at work. It would be awesome if we could take them with us!

TWO | Victoria Beckham's Five-Minute Face

Admittedly, I've been a fan of Victoria Beckham since in her Posh Spice Girls days. I was pretty excited to see her on this little beauty tutorial.

THREE | Erica Gellerman - Corporate Financier to Career Consultant

When I first saw this article, I was initially drawn to it because she is a PwC Alumni, so I was curious what her responses would be regarding to PwC. I thought it was a great article talking about how she essentially took the leap in changing her career path and has had great success. Definitely worth reading.

FOUR | 73 Questions with Kendall Jenner

While I am not a fan the Kardashian clan, I do enjoy watching these 73 questions by Vogue. Kendall was being interviewed, and aside from the occasional annoying Kris cameos, I liked this one. Of all the Kardashian girls, she is probably the only one I can tolerate.

FIVE | Act of True Sportsmanship

I heard about this while watching a recap of the Olympic games for that day and it just made me smile. When like 90% of what you hear on the news is negative, it's refreshing when you see people having a heart and being kind.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend | August 13 & 14

Hello friends and hello Monday. This past weekend was the busiest weekend that I've had in weeks!

DIY iPad/Cookbook Stand

On Friday, I had a girl's night planned with my friend at our favorite place, Nook and Cranny.  They offer sessions where people can come and create DIY pieces of out wood providing all materials, tools and stencils. These sessions book up so quickly! I just looked at the remaining sessions for August and they are all booked! We signed up for the iPad/cookbook stand.

I am not too crazy about how mine turned out. Trying to stain the smaller areas of the base wasn't easy and caused me to apply more stain than I would have liked. Either way, still had fun and I'm sure we (we as in the husband) will get great use of out it for meal prep on Sundays.

Baby Shower for Elizabeth & Dylan

One of my long time friends is expecting a little bundle of joy and her besties hosted the sweetest shower on Saturday. She and her sweetheart both work in the marine exploration field and are big fans of the beach, so it was no surprise that the theme was nautical. It was such a cute shower and the Momma-to-Be and baby are very loved because they received a ton of gifts!

PSA: If you are thinking about purchasing a pack 'n play as your gift, have it shipped to the house. I didn't realize the size and weight of the box when I had it delivered to my place. Wrapping it was fun (had to use Christmas wrapping paper) and carrying it into the place in the FL heat was even better! 

Sunday was a chill day and the usual meal prep day which was needed after a weekend full of activities!


Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Five | No. 11

Before I get into my Friday Five, I must show you all my little creation. We have some team challenges going on at work and this challenge was to build a piggy bank for our country (each team is a country). Well our team (Mexico) decided to do a Mexican Food Truck.

It seriously took me ALL weekend to do this but it turned out great! So great that we won first place!

Okay, now back to my Friday Five...

ONE | Final Five

These girls killed it! What a way to represent the USA! I didn't get to see all of them perform but the pieces I did see were impressive. Simone Biles is a 4 ft 9 inch POWER HOUSE. The height that she got in her jumps and how effortlessly she did them was mind-blowing.

TWO | Britney on Car Karaoke

Britney posted on her Instagram that she will be on Jeff Cordon's Car Karaoke, airing August 25th. I love watching these segments and excited to see her on it. I hope she let's loose and just be herself!

THREE | Carrie Underwood Sunday Night Football

While watching the Olympics I was teased with the commercial clip with Carrie's football song. Seriously, she is freaking perfect.

FOUR | Accessories from the 90's/00's

How about a flashback Friday? I chuckled while flipping through these pictures because I remember wearing like half of the accessories shown.

FIVE | Cute Dog Video

This video is just too cute not to share. All those wrinkles!


Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Five | No. 10

ONE | Summer Olympics 2016

I'm excited to watch the opening ceremony tonight. If only I could be there in person! Also, can't wait to watch these little ladies perform. Gymnastics has always been my fave sport to watch. I remember when I was younger being so fascinated with the Magnificent Seven in the 1996 Olympics. Umm, that was 20 years ago. Gosh I'm old.

TWO | The Hills: That Was Then This Is Now

Anybody else watch this on Tuesday? I didn't watch it on Tuesday because I didn't find out about this until Wednesday but I DVRed a replay of it. This special made me appreciate Lauren even more. I love that she didn't let the fame of a reality TV show influence her and lose her true person.

THREE | Glory by Britney Spears

I admittedly follow Britney on Instagram and I was so excited to see that she is releasing another album, Glory, at the end of this month. We know where I will be on that day... at Target purchasing the CD. Yep, you read that right. When it comes to my faves, Britney Spears and Carrie Underwood, I always purchase the CDs.

FOUR | 90's Girls Problems

The BFF and I were chatting about this article and reminiscing on things from the 90's that we miss. Number 1 had me laughing. Gosh, JTT was such a heart throb. *tear*

FIVE | Pokemon Go Revenge

Not that I want to bring up Pokemon Go because I've honestly heard enough about it this past two weeks. This video made me laugh though. Like, let's be honest, if somebody tried pulling something like that here, some would get seriously hurt. We live in a society where people are so quick to get enraged and get violent instead of just laughing things off. #endrant


Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekend | July 30 and 31

Guys, it's August 1st. How crazy is that? I know I say this all the time, but it's just nuts how time flies. We are slowly getting to my favorite time of the year, Fall. :)

This weekend was a no plans, stay home and get ish done. I can't even tell you how many loads of laundry I did yesterday. Mind you, it's just the two of us. I tidied up the house while the Mr. prepared our meals for the work week.

We also purchased this piece from Pier One to put in our dining room. They had one on the floor but it was damaged so we had to order a new one. Ballard Designs has a similar piece, except in a white wash for more than double the price. This goes great with the colors in our house so win, win for us!

Now it's Monday and it's back to the grind. This picture seemed appropriate because my hair is in a bun (that kind of morning) and I have a lot to get done. Gangsta rap is in order.