Sunday, January 29, 2017

GFC Fearless Women's Conference 2017

On Thursday and Friday, I attended the GFC Fearless Women's Conference that my church was hosting and guys, it was AWESOME! I didn't realize how much I needed the conference until it was all said and done. I almost didn't go at last minute because of work and I am so happy that I did not change my plans. I would have most certainly regretted it. God moved in such a way through the worship, the messages, and the fellowship among ladies that I did not want to leave!

Day 1
So, if you haven't gathered by my blog already, I am an extreme introvert. Randomly going up to people in a crowd, introducing myself gives me anxiety. Takes me back to first of day of school and having to meet new people and figure out who to sit with during lunch time. Worst day ever for an introverts.

Well, fast forward to Thursday and I was reliving that same anxiety as the conference started off with dinner, trying to find somewhere to sit in a group of a 1000 ladies. I have been attending this church for a year now but I haven't been the best at building relationships (again, introvert problems) and the few people that I knew attending the conference were actually volunteering and working in the background. After some awkward hiding behind a pillar, I made my way to the food, grabbed my box of BBQ goodness and scurried off to another dark corner under a tent. Really? I have issues.

After dinner, we gathered in the sanctuary and one of the ladies I know, had saved me a seat next to her. Thank you Jesus! I didn't have to face my fear again of trying to find a seat. Granted, the seat she had was right in the first row, but that's okay, I can handle that.

Now on a serious note, worship was amazing and the sermon even better! After weeks of going non-stop at work and draining my energy, the first night was so reinvigorating. Lisa Bevere was the key note speaker at the event and oh my word. This lady is fierce and I love it. Confession. While I have heard about her before and knew that she speaks at conference and has authored several books, I have never heard her speak before. Seriously, during the first night of her speaking, I couldn't help but think to myself... "Have I been living under a rock this whole time? How have I never heard her before? In person. Online. Anywhere?! What?!" This little half Sicilian pistol was on fire. The way she commanded that stage and spoke God's word with such tenacity was... Wow.

We finished off the evening with music, fellowship and smores!

Day 2
Morning Service began at 9am. We had worship and the guest speaker was Sharon Tubbs and her message was on Rejection and pressing through it. Again, I needed to hear this. Rejection is something that I have struggled with my whole life and based on the "Amen's" that I heard during that message, I am not alone.

Mid-day activities included: lunch from Chick-Fil-A (woot woot), two breakout sessions of our choice, a panel discussion, and a full segment of The Pew (our version of The View).

Dinner was Carrabba's and then it was time for the evening sermon. Again, Lisa Bevere did not hold back. Seriously y'all, I'm fan-girling over her. I even waited in line to have her sign my book and take a picture.

As a female and a Christian, I left this conference feeling so empowered, so inspired, so ready to take on the world. With all that has been going on with the Presidential Campaign, Women's Marches, and so forth... It has left me frustrated, exhausted, and at times, ashamed to see how other Christians are reacting to all these situations. It was so refreshing to see women gathering together - not spewing hateful words towards this nation, the president, each other, but instead PRAYING for peace and understanding over this nation, wisdom for the president and blessings over each other's lives. THAT is what we, as Christians, should be doing.

I hope and pray that this flame that has ignited in me doesn't stop. I know it won't be easy, especially when I get back to the work routine, but I will press forward.

Keep me honest friends!


Monday, January 9, 2017

Eat Well and Be Active.

One of my goals for 2017 is to make my health a priority. Eat well and be active.

Eat Well.

Confession. I am a stress eater and sweets are my vice. Even though my eating overall remained good last year, towards the end I consumed a lot of sweets to get me through work. That ish needs to STOP. Definitely not a good habit to have, even more so considering my own health issues. I'm not saying that I am cutting it out completely, but saving the sweets for a weekend treat or special occasion is the plan. I would also like to reduce (not eliminate) dairy in what I eat. I have seen and read one too many articles on the not-so-great truths about dairy and how it affects our bodies.

Be Active.

Here's another one of my fails last year. Around April, I started a new role at work which required me to be in the office everyday. At first, I didn't think it would be a big deal, because I used to go in every day before we were allowed to work from home. But, when you worked from home 2-3 days a week for two years, you get spoiled and don't realize how hard it is to go back to being in the office all week. The STRUGGLE. The days I worked from home, I would go to the gym and it was perfect. I was going to to the gym three, four, sometimes five times a week. Cut out the work from home days and I was lucky to make it to the gym twice. Trying to get the energy to hit the gym after twelve hour days (ten hours work, two hours commute) is not easy. But it is so important! The difference I saw in my health from not going to the gym is crazy. So, it is a must. No excuses. I need to make it happen.

I posted the photo above on Instagram earlier this week talking about this topic. It's all about clean eating, meal prepping, active lifestyle, and my new blender for smoothies! One week of better food choices and going to the gym is already making a huge difference.

So here's to a healthy year.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hello 2017.

A few days late...

Happy New Year!

What? Yes. It's 2017. Anyone else thrown by that? I mean, I remember writing my 2016 post like it was yesterday.

So, let's talk about 2016. It was an alright year. I wouldn't say it was my best year. I started off strong and then by the end of it, I felt like it swallowed me whole, chewed me up and spit me out.... then stepped on me. #realtalk Hence the lack of posts.

Thankfully the Mr and I planned a little vacation to Asheville, the last week of December, which allowed me to break away and get some much needed R&R.

Now that we are back, I am ready to take on 2017.

More posts to come about my goals and focus for this year.

Cheers to 2017!