Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday Five | No. 19

Hello friends! Not only is it Friday but it's my last work day before I'm off for a week! I am ready to knock this Friday out!

ONE | Nordstrom Debacle

So earlier this week I was NOT to happy with Nordstrom. I received an email from them that my #NSale purchase was cancelled because the item was not available when the order was processed. WTF. Like, why not just say, it's on back order, we'll get it to you when it's back available. Nope. So, I called their customer service which isn't something I normally do. I typically hate going customer service and complaining. But this time things were a little different as I had redeemed some recognition reward money I received at work to get this gift card for these boots specifically. I don't typically shop at Nordstrom and most certainly wouldn't have chosen Nordstrom for my gift card if it weren't for the #NSale. Well, after talking to the customer representative, he searched for another location that had the boots I wanted and gave me the number. I called that location, purchased the boots and now they are here and I am in love. Worth the extra calls.

TWO | Packing List for Vegas

T minus two days before I fly out to Vegas for the ALPFA convention/Girls Weekend Trip. I haven't actually started packing but I have started on my packing list. Seriously, guys, my toiletries list alone is long. Like I don't understand how people can travel in a small luggage for a week long trip. My toiletries alone can fill a carry on.

THREE | 12 Accents in 3.5 minutes video

I happened to come across this video of this gal that is a dialect coach and can speak using all sorts of accents. Not gonna lie, I was kinda mesmerized. Top faves are the Transatlantic and Old South. *sigh* Shame that these are both accents that are non-existent or almost there.

FOUR | How Successful People Spend Their Weekends Article

I saw this article on Facebook and thought it had some great tips, some of which I do already! There are some that I need to add to my weekend routine as well, like getting up at the usual time.

FIVE | Tax Free Weekend for Back to School

Who's excited?! Yes, I know, I don't go to school, but who said you can't get excited for back to school shopping when it's tax free? I take advantage of this sale to stock up on office supplies that I really don't need but want. I also like to purchase school supplies to donate and take advantage of this weekend to do that shopping.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

May Designs Planner and Notebook

Hello first day of August and hello first day using my May Designs Planner! A friend of mine gifted me a planner and notebook from May Designs for my birthday and the planner started in August. I have been counting down the days for when I could start using them.

Please excuse the "I took these pictures at work with my i-phone" images. I know it ain't all fancy but you get the idea. 

For those of you who don't know about May Designs, you can pretty much customize them from cover to cover. They have all kinds of patterns, page layouts, fonts and colors to choose from which sounds both awesome and overwhelming. I have tried designing something myself in the past but I could never decide on a design! Fortunately, she did the job for me and a good job I might add.

I've held off on using the notebook because I wanted to start using it when I started the planner. My plan is to really use this planner and notebook for my blog planning. I am really trying to be more consistent on this blog and with my sometimes long work days, I need to plan posts ahead. I am hoping that a little pre-planning will help me get more posts done.