Sunday, October 29, 2017

Travel | Hot Springs and Asheville, North Carolina

We are back home after spending a week in the mountains of North Carolina!

When planning this trip, we wanted to stay more in the mountains and enjoy the outdoors. We found this cabin which was just outside of downtown Hot Springs, which checked off our checklist items and so we booked it. Of course, along with our wishlist came other things such as bugs and a river that would be the bane of my existence by the time the trip was over. I won't go into too much details about our experience with the river, will keep that for another post, but let's just say it has further solidified my dislike of rivers.

French Broad River
We attended my uncle's wedding at the Mountain Magnolia Inn. Y'all, it rained and poured all morning but the rain broke like fifteen minutes for the ceremony. It was so crazy. It drizzled for like a second during the ceremony but it was perfect the rest of the evening.

We stayed indoors. Some of the roads weren't safe to drive thanks to the rain the day before. I read and worked on a puzzle. The Mr. made turkey chili.

We went horseback riding at Sandy Bottom Trail Rides. The views were gorgeous! Pictures below don't really do it justice. It was just us with the guide which made it very chill. I needed chill. After our ride, we headed over to downtown Marshall for lunch.

We went to Asheville. Everytime I visit Asheville, I fall more and more in love. We visited the Biltmore and had lunch at our favorite, Cedric's Tavern. Their pickles are deee-lish! You can imagine how excited we were to learn that they sell them in jars.

We had planned on doing kayaking there but, again, due to the rain earlier that week, the river waters were still a little too rough for kayaking and they cancelled it. Instead, we did a little wine tasting at the winery.

Before heading back to the cabin, we picked up a wine to go and a couple jars of pickles. Yasss!!!

Since there was 100% chance of rain in the forecast for Saturday, we decided to cut our vacation short and leave on Friday, instead of Saturday. While we enjoyed being able to break away from our day to day work grind, it sure is nice being back in the comfort of our house. Also, getting back earlier allowed us to get some things done around the house and prepare for the work week ahead. Glancing over my work calendar, it's gonna be a busy week for sure!


Monday, October 2, 2017

Harry Potter in Concert

On Saturday, we went and saw Harry Potter in Concert. The Florida Orchestra performed the music to the movie while it was playing. I am not a huge Harry Potter fan, but I do love listening to orchestra's live. It was cool to watch them perform the music live, but I will say that I was probably more focused on the movie than watching them play. Sometimes I would forget they were even there!

At the beginning of the show, the conductor encouraged everyone in the audience to be interactive and cheer when their favorite character appeared or make some noise during the scenes. While it was fun to see people cheering on their favorite character or when the houses were called, it was a little distracting! However, not more distracting than the couple sitting next to us. The guy decided to get wasted and was acting obnoxious during the show. During the second half, he was so drunk that he ended up spilling his drink and I guess it got all over the girl's purse. Needless to say, she was not happy with him and after some minutes of bickering, they left the show early. Why people would pay that much on tickets for a show to get wasted is beyond me. Once they left, I was able to enjoy the show more.

They will be performing to the second movie in December. We shall see if we see this one as well.

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