Sunday, December 31, 2017

Reflecting on 2017.

My oh my. It never ceases to amaze me how fast time flies. So much anticipation built up at the beginning of the year and boom, here we are bidding adieu. But before I officially say goodbye, I want to take a moment to reflect on 2017 and some of the highlights for me of this year.

In January, I went to my first Grace Family Church Women's Conference, Fearless. The special guest speaker was Lisa Bevere. AMAZING!

In February, I hosted my first GALentine's Soiree with a few of my close friends. We enjoyed wine and a chocolate fondue.

In March/April, the Mr and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary in Nashville, Tennessee and the Mr.'s 38th birthday.

In May, we celebrated my 33rd birthday with a short stay at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. Around that same time, I started a new role in a new group.

In June, we saw Finding Neverland at the Strazz, however no pics!

In July, we took a summer vacation in St Augustine for the extended fourth of July and we saw the Little Mermaid show.

In August, I went to Las Vegas for a week to attend the annual ALPFA Convention and wrapped up the week with a girls weekend in Vegas which included seeing Britney for her Piece of Me show. Since I didn't write any blog posts about my trip I am sharing a few extra pics from that trip.

We were on a Britney high the day after... sported our new Britney tanks to brunch. Ha!

In September, I filmed my first YouTube video! I've done three so far to see how I liked doing it. I've been on a little hiatus the past couple months due to the holidays and lighting situation (thanks to Daylight Savings). Now that I received a ring light for Christmas, I plan on getting back to the filming this new year. Get ready y'all!

We also prepared and braced for Hurricane Irma. Fortunately, we did not have any damage or loss of power.

In October, I hosted my annual Pumpkin Painting Party. I also got a job promotion to a manager role at work.

In November, we hosted our first Thanksgiving in our house with my family. We also went to our first college football game to watch the UF Gators vs FSU Seminoles.

In December, we did not hold back with the Christmas activities!

I have to say, overall, 2017 was a pretty good year for me. I got to travel to new places, my career took a turn for the better, and I was able to host quite a few gatherings at my house.

I am very grateful for all the blessings and opportunities I've had as I know that 2017 was a difficult year for many due to either natural disasters or disasters from the hands of others. I don't want to ever take for granted what God has done for me and always give HIM the glory.

Finally, as a sweet ending to this year and in preparation for 2018, the Mr. and I will be getting massages. Very much needed R&R before we go back to work. Tonight, I will be ringing in the new year at a friend's house. This lady is too old to be going out to the party scene for the festivities. Ha! However you choose to celebrate... Best wishes to you all, stay safe and we shall chat again in the new year!


Friday, December 29, 2017

Living Room Inspiration Board

We are in the middle of doing a little refresh in our living room. Now that the holidays are over with, I can focus on doing this.

The biggest change really is our TV wall unit that we are changing. The current one that we have in our living room we are moving to my girl cave and getting a new one from IKEA. We attempted to get it this week but the IKEA closest to us was completely out of several pieces. So we will need to wait for it to come in. Womp womp.

In the meantime, I've been doing some brainstorming of what I want the space to look like. I went ahead and created a inspiration board to share with you all.

For the most part, we pretty much have everything that you above except for the rug. We currently have a navy blue rug with a geometric pattern. However, I want to do something a little more traditional and saw this rug on wayfair that is what I am wanting in the room.

The wall unit displayed is the same line "Hemnes" and color that I want, however the two end pieces are a larger size and the bottom half are drawers and the top half are shelves with glass doors. The unit we currently have is just shelves and I find it to be not as practical for this space. I need more drawers to store things such as DVDs, games, blankets, etc.

Something else I really want to work on is getting more wall art or picture frames on our walls. They are quite bare at the moment. I've attempted to decorate them and every time I try something, it just doesn't give me that umph that I am looking for. I am thinking I need more pictures of us in this space. I am so bad about getting pictures printed! Anybody else the same? We definitely have some good spaces to where we can do a nice little arrangement with picture frames.

Of course, I've include the blue and white porcelain. I'm obsessed! I have pieces throughout the first floor of my house, living room included. I recently started following this lady on instagram @cintrineliving and her collection of blue and white is #goals.

Well, there you have a little snippet of what goes on in my brain! It can be a little crazy sometimes. Haha! I will let you know how things go once we can get that furniture from IKEA!


Thursday, December 28, 2017

A day in St Pete

Today we spent the afternoon in St. Pete. The Museum of Fine Arts has a Stars Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit that the Mr. has been wanting to see. We figured if we were heading to that area, may as well make a day of it and have lunch there.

Downtown St. Pete has lots of options when it comes to food options. We grabbed lunch first at The Mill. They have a small menu of appetizers, salads, sammis and naan wraps. I got the Cobb Salad with a side of fries and the Mr. got the Garden Naan. The fries (potato wedges) and homemade ketchup are amazing! 👌

After lunch, we walked over to the museum. It's funny, for as many times as I've been to St. Pete (took several classes there while in college) I didn't realize this museum was there.

The Stars Wars exhibit has costumes from all of the movies with behind the scene details of how the costumes were created and used. I am not a Star Wars follower. I think I've seen one (of the many movies), so aside from some of the most obvious characters, I was lost. It was still interesting to walk around and look.


After the museum, I was in desperate need of some caffeine. I skipped out on having coffee in the morning and I had the worst headache. We came across the Wooden Rooster, a small cafe that also offers handcrafted coffee.

I got a vanilla latte and the Mr. and I shared a Bananella crepe, filled with Nutella, Bananas, and Hazelnuts. SO GOOD!

Tomorrow I have a girls shopping date planned with a friend and we are heading to Orlando. I am looking forward to doing some shopping!


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Ichicoro and Foundation Coffee Co.

Today was a day of shopping. I was trying to take advantage of day after sales on holiday decor. Typically, we miss the sales because we are usually on the road en route to our vacation destination. This year we ended up staying home so I knew I wanted to go shopping. Apparently I started too late (10:30ish) because there were slim pickings left on the shelves. While I wasn't able to find much for the living area of our house, I scored the cutest pink Christmas wall art for my girl cave from Kirklands and some colorful ornaments from Target. The girl cave is going to be adorable next Christmas!

After doing some shopping, we took a break for lunch and stopped by Ichicoro for some ramen. If you are in the Tampa area and like ramen soup, this is the place to go!

The CuBaoNo snack dish is delicious! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Ha!

After lunch, we tried out a new coffee shop (to us) Foundation Coffee Co. This place was so cute inside with a little "covered" outdoor area with benches and tables. Wish we had one closer to our place. We would be there all the time!

Once our energy was replenished, we continued our shopping. I scored this adorable skirt at The Loft for 50% off! The colors in this picture don't do the skirt justice. I love that it is multicolored making it versatile in what tops I choose to pair with it.

Now, I am home relaxing and getting ready to watch Wonder Woman. Finally. It's been on our to watch list since it came out!


Christmas 2017

I don't know about y'all, but I feel like I really did Christmas this year. From listening to Christmas tunes on repeat, baking yummy holiday treats, fun Christmas-y activities, to spending Noche Buena and Christmas day with our family. My heart is FULL!

On Christmas Eve, we went to my family's house to celebrate Noche Buena. We had the typical Puerto Rican feast of rice and beans, pork, pasteles, and platanos, and washed it down with some coquito!

Christmas morning we did our usual opening up of gifts.

Loving all the gifts I received this year. Here are some of my faves...

I got the final three characters (Lumiere, Cogsworth and Chip) to complete my collection. Andddd they smell amazing!

The Stars Hollow Poster with a letter signed by Taylor Doose. I thought that was such a cute touch!

Oh, also got some lights to use for making videos. Watch out 2018! My YouTube channel is going to be busy!

After opening gifts, we started getting ready to have the in-law family over for Christmas Brunch. Our table cover was sewn by Sergio's aunt which I thought was sweet and I did my best to find a plate setting that matched.

Not to bad. BTW, I used plastic dishes and silverware. Easy clean up! 👌

Our brunch menu:
Of course, it was a hit. The French Toast Bake = BOMB DOT COM. I didn't have the strata because not my thing, but everyone was raving about it as well. 

We had a birthday cake for my MIL, who's birthday was earlier this week. Publix Chantilly Cake FTW.

Once everyone left and we cleaned up the house, we went to the movies to watch The Greatest Showman. 

GUYS. This movie is EVERYTHING. I was really not expecting to love it as much as I did. As soon as it started with the first song, I immediately thought to myself "Oh, this is going to be good. I am buying this soundtrack." Seriously, I loved every song. I got choked up a few times, got the goosebumps a few times, and almost got up and danced a few times. SO SO GOOD. Do yourselves a favor and go watch it at the theaters. Totally worth the ridiculous cost of movie tickets. You'll thank me later!

Oh and yes, as soon as I got home I purchased the album on i-tunes and played the album. TWICE!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well. Now, I have the rest of the week off and plan on getting my life and house organized in preparation for the new year. With some fun activities mixed in, of course!


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Tea

Merry Christmas Eve friends!

Yesterday, was quite a fun day of activities for us. We went and had Christmas Tea at my favorite spot, The Tilted Teacup. We go there often. So much so, that when we got there, the owner John greeted Sergio by name. Yep, they know us by name. HA!

Don't be fooled by the lack of people in the background. This place was very busy yesterday! Just happened to catch a shot in between changes of groups.

Of course, I wanted to dress up for the occasion so I had red and gold everythingggggg. This top is from Marshalls, surprise surprise, and I've received so many compliments for it! I went a little extra with my accessories with gold glitter belt and Kate Spade glitter shoes. Because, why not?

Even gave myself a red and gold glitter mani yesterday 💁💅

After tea, I got to finishing wrapping gifts. I never realize how many gifts I buy until I am locked up in my room wrapping and lost in a pile of bags and wrappers and such.

We went a little overboard with the pups this year. Here are just some of the gifts we purchased for them. There are more not pictured! #sorrynotsorry

In the evening, we went over to a friend's house for a Christmas party which included a White Elephant Gift Exchange.

They were all couples so my gifts were "Date Night In" themed. One gift was a 100 Classic Games set with the popcorn and cookies. The other gift were two DVDs (Unbroken and A Book Thief) with the same popcorn and cookies. I have not seen either movie but read Unbroken and really enjoyed it. I purchased the movies for us at the same time I was purchasing for the gifts.

Today, we are prepping dishes for the Christmas brunch we are hosting with my in-laws then heading over to my family's to celebrate Noche Buena :)