Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Planning our trip to Jekyll Island

It's official. Our anniversary vacay has been booked for March! We will be staying three nights in this lovely resort, Jekyll Island Club Resort.

Beautiful, right?!

When we have done road trips north, we have passed signs for Jekyll Island which prompted me to look it up. The location is historic which that alone had me won over but it just looks like a great place to getaway and relax. It's only about a 4.5 hour drive from where we are which is a breeze.

Now that our stay is officially booked, we've already started planning our itinerary for the trip. Yes, we are those people. Since we are only staying a few nights we want to make sure that we can get the most out of our stay there. Here are some activities we have in mind.

These are just a few of the activities available. If you go on their site and look under the Activities drop down, you will see there is a plethora of activities to do. Hard to choose a few!

I can't wait to enjoy some time away from work and life here. I know I need it. We will also be able to enjoy our time away, just the two of us, knowing that our babies will be in good hands with a good friend who will be staying with them in our house.

We decided to keep this vacation short in order to save on costs and put towards our Fall vacation. We're thinking either Washington (state) or Maine which I can't wait for! We are still taking the whole week off and plan on finishing off the week with a visit to our second home, Disney. Yasss.

Now that we have the vacation and activities planned out. Time for me to start thinking outfit/accessories I need to purchase pack. I will let you know what I come up with closer to the trip. Stay tuned.


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

New Hair, New Phone

Hello friends! Well, a couple exciting things happened this weekend for me. 


Look who went more blonde??? 

I always like to go lighter with my hair for the spring/summer season and it's we are pretty in summer here in Florida. Loving the color! I am pretty fortunate that my skin complexion goes pretty well with just about any color. What I love most about going lighter with my hair is that I get an immediate tan without trying. LOL. Double win in my book. 


I just ordered my new phone, the iPhone 8 in Gold! Woot woot!
I've been eligible for an upgrade for some time now, still on the ol' iPhone 6, but was waiting for the 8 to come out. Now that it's been out for a while and, hopefully, Apple has worked out any of its kinks, I ordered it. 

Of course, now that I ordered the phone and should receive it by next week, the hunt for a new phone case is under way. I currently have a case from Kate Spade that is a folio which I like for privacy purposes, but not for picture taking purposes. Annoying to deal with the flap. I'm thinking I'm going to go back to a regular case. 

I've seen a couple ads on Facebook from Casetify with cute phone cases and decided to take a gander. Ohhh emm geee. Too many cute options to choose from. Here are a few that have definitely caught my eye and on the top of the list. 

I still want to do some more searching on other sites but that art deco one might be hard to beat! If I wanted to get extra fancy, I can get glitter inside the case. I know, I know. How will I choose???


Thursday, February 15, 2018

Andrea Bocelli Concert

Last night we went to see Andrea Bocelli perform live. It was amazing. No surprise.

We had dinner at Jackson's super early because, well, it was Valentine's day and reservations were limited even booking weeks in advance.

The dessert special in honor of Valentine's Day was delicioussss. Anything with chocolate covered strawberries is a win in my book.

After dinner, we had like two hours to kill. Fortunately, the weather was absolutely perfect outside and downtown Tampa has a great area to walk and sit on benches along the river. We walked closer to the location of the concert and sat on one of the benches and waited for concert time. It was very relaxing which I really needed because it's been a long work week.

The concert was, as I said, amazing. The man can sing yo. They had a no picture/video rule, so I have no evidence of how good it was. Just take my word for it. Haha.

There were special guests including Kristin Chenowith  and I just love that lady. So spunky! They sang one of my fave songs, The Prayer, which gives my goosebumps every time. We had the pianist at our wedding play this songs during the unity sand portion of the ceremony. Love love love.

If you don't know the song, here is a duet of Andrea Bocelli and Tori Kelly.



Wednesday, February 14, 2018

GALentine's Day Fun

Happy Valentine's Day friends!! I know many people think that holidays are silly and just propaganda that stores created to get people to buy stuff. But you know what? I don't care. I'm one of those people that loves celebrating anything and will purchase all the things.

If you didn't know, yesterday was "Galentine's Day". It's a made up holiday that I celebrate. It's a holiday that Amy Poehler's character, Leslie Knope, in Parks and Recreations made up.

Over the weekend I hosted my second Annual Galentine's Day Party with my gal pals. What better way to celebrate than with wine and chocolate fondue? Now, last year when I attempted making chocolate fondue, it was a bust because I used the wrong kind of chocolate. Who knew? You can read more about it here. Well, lesson learned, I got the right kind this go around.

I had a fun little scratch off game and whom ever won the scratch off won the "Perfect Man" and a giftcard to Target.

Also, this year I added an activity - Valentine's Day card craft and photo booth area. Everything you see for decorations was purchased at Tar-jay.

As I was preparing for the festivities and sending out invites, I thought about my BFFs that are out of state that obviously couldn't join. I thought it would be fun to send them a little Galentine's Day surprise via snail mail. I found the CUTEST cards at Marshalls! Y'all. If you're ever in need of a card for any occasion, go to Marshalls/TJ Maxx first. The prettiest cards for like a third of the cost you would pay in other stores like Target. The friends also have daughters to which I got them these adorable Valentine's Day pop up cards and little treats. I mean. I don't about y'all but I am 😍 over here with all this cuteness!

As for Valentine's Day plans with bae, we are going to have dinner right after work and then go see Andrea Bocelli perform. I have been a big fan of Andrea Bocelli for years now and have been wanting to see him in concert. I am really excited to finally be able to see him!