Sunday, March 4, 2018

Antiques, BBQ, Mini Cupcakes and Strawberry Shortcakes

Just a few more hours left to the weekend and I am trying to soak it all up. I have a fun post in store for you all tomorrow so I thought I would share what I did this weekend tonight.

On Saturday, we took a trip to St. Pete to visit the Brocante Market. It's an antique market that is open the first weekend of every month. I've been following their Facebook page for some time now and have been wanting to visit and finally had the chance to.

Holy antique market! There was a LOT to see. I didn't leave with anything but not that I know that little gem is there, I will visit again for sure.

For lunch we had BBQ at Urban Brew & BBQ.

The Mr. and some sort of waffle topped with a brisket and some other layers of goodness. I had a roasted chicken with mashed potatoes and baked beans. Even though I wasn't necessarily in the mood for BBQ it was pretty good.

For the sweet tooth, we grabbed dessert at Swah-rey and they specialist is cakes and mini cupcakes.

Y'all, this place is legit! Of course, we grabbed mini cupcakes so that we could have multiples because why wouldn't we?

As we were making our way back to the car, we came across this bookstore that was jaw-droppingly huge! They had an endless amount of new and used books of all genres. We were two little kids in our own candy shop.

Today, we took a trip in the other direction to Plant City to go to the Strawberry Festival.

We did our usual, first had hotdogs and fries for lunch, then went over to St. Clementine's booth to build our own strawberry shortcake. My perfect combination: Cake, Strawberries (squeezed out the juice when scooping out of tub), and LOTS of whip cream.

After filling our bellies, we walked around to see the livestock, grabbed Amish donuts and a strawberry flat to go.

Now I am home, doing my nails and tearing up watching The Notebook on TV. When Allie regains her memory for those short few moments and then forgets and begins to panic. Noah's face. 😭 It gets me every time y'all! Their love is so sweet.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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