Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Five | No.24

Happy Friday friends! This week was rough y'all. I had all day back to back meetings the first half of this week which makes getting your work done nearly impossible. At least not during normal working hours meaning I had a couple late nights. Never fun.

Before I get started on my Friday Five, I wanted to remind you about the fun contest I am hosting here on the blog with Jord watch. If you haven't read it and signed up, stop reading this post and go to this post now. Come back here when you're done!

Okay, now back to the post.

ONE | 1920's Disney Princess

I saw this post on Facebook earlier this week and it made me so happy. It's no surprise that I have "old soul" and should have been born decades before my time. Fashion between the 20s and 40s are my favorite. Disney + 20s Fashion. Yes, please! That Belle, tho. Hello, can we say halloween costume inspiration?? Now, I just need to actually get invited to a halloween party. Haha.

TWO | Pacifica Face Wash

I recently purchased this face wash. First time I try a product from Pacifica. Guys, this stuff smells SO GOOD. It smells like sun tan lotion and makes me think of the beach and summer! I've only been using if for a few days, but have been impressed so far. I want to try out some more of their products. Both Target and Ulta carry this line.

THREE | Hunter for Target

When I heard this collab, I got really excited! Again, very much like other things like the Sigma Brushes, I have had Hunter rain boots on my wish list for years. But them suckas ain't cheap! Hoping they come out with some cute stuff and that I can get my hands on a pair of sweet rain boots! The line will be available April 14, 2018. #HunterxTarget

FOUR | Disney Movie Trailers

Disney has been on fire with these recent movie trailer releases of my childhood favorites. I love Emily Blunt. When they announced that she would be playing the role of Mary Poppins, I squealed! Not gonna lie, I was surprised with the Christopher Robin trailer, particularly because I recently saw Goodbye Christopher Robin on Demand and that came out in 2017. I thought it was odd that they would make another movie about Christopher Robin but after seeing the new trailer, I realize they are different storylines/time periods. Honestly, hearing Winnie the Pooh talk had me sold and excited to see this movie!

Oh and if you haven't see Goodbye Christopher Robin, you should! Make sure to have a couple tissues in hand. You can see the trailer below.

FIVE | Por Amar Sin Ley

Okay, so I must confess that I am fan of novelas (spanish soap operas). Watched my first one when I was in fourth grade, maybe? So all the old school classics, Dos Mujeres Un Camino, Marimar, Maria la del Barrio, and so forth, I watched. They are probably the reason I learned to speak Spanish if I'm to be honest. For years, I watched novelas religiously until I got into college. At that point I felt like they started to become more satirical than serious which I didn't care for. Now I only watch them every once in while when I know one of my favorite actors/actresses are in one.

Well, Por Amar Sin Ley started this week and Ana Brenda Contreras, the leading protagonist, is one of my fave actresses. This is the first week and it has not disappointed with the drama!

Hope you all have a great weekend. After work, I will be hitting up Target to see if I can get some outfits for my weekend plans! They have their BOGO deal going on that I hope to take advantage of.



  1. I’m curious about the collab with Target. I just hope it isn’t as dramatic as Lilly. Because I do want to get s couple things when the line comes out.

    1. Ooh girl! I completely agree. I was NOT prepared for the crowds I encountered when I went to go look at the collection. That was nuts! I was lucky that the Mr. came with me because as we were in line we quickly devised a strategy. HAHA! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I grew up watching novelas too! They were my favorite growing up. I always wondered why English soap operas never seem to have an ending!

    1. Bahaha! Right?! That's to much of a time commitment! I remember one time I watched an episode of Guiding Light (I think that's the name) and thinking to myself, "Man, where is the dramatic background music?" cause you know that novelas got their background music on lockdown! HAHA!

      Thanks for the comment! Have a great Friday and weekend!