Friday, March 2, 2018

Friday Four

Happy Fri-Yay! Today was a day full of interviewing people for a role in my team and boy am I exhausted. Ready for the weekend!

I only have four things to share with you all.

ONE | Florida Strawberry Festival

The Florida Strawberry Festival kicked off yesterday. I don't typically do fairs because I don't trust the rides and can't handle the crowds of people, however I do make the exception for the Strawberry Festival. Making my own strawberry shortcake at the St. Clement's Catholic Church booth and picking up a tray of strawberries for dirt cheap are a must. Not sure which weekend we are going, but it's definitely happening.

A couple months ago I purchased the cutest infinity scarf with strawberries and gingham from The Loft outlet with the Strawberry Festival in mind. We Floridians take the Strawberry Festival seriously. Or maybe just me. Either way, that will be part of my get-up when we go.

TWO | Carrie Underwood "Champion" music video

Her music video for Champion debuted today. This song has grown on me. When I first heard, I wasn't too impressed but now that I have heard a couple times, I'm liking it. I feel like that happens often to me songs where it's not love at first sight but love that grows over time.

Often course, the mini gossip lady in me what trying to see what of her face looks different after her accident and they kept her face well covered by that mic! Sheesh!

THREE | Casetify Art Deco Phone Case

I wrote a post earlier this week about getting a new phone. Well, it arrived yesterday and I decided on the Art Deco phone case. Ordered it today!

FOUR | Meghan Markle and The Royals

In Royal news, Meghan Markle joined Will, Kate and Harry for their first engagement together for The Royal Foundation Forum. Look at Kate and Meghan looking all BFFs. I feel like I need to crop in my head in that picture because we needs to be BFFsssssss! 

The husband will be busy tonight meaning I am flying solo this evening. A glass of wine and chocolate, along with pups, will be my companions tonight while a watch a movie!



  1. Oh my goodness, Plant City strawberries are the best! I didn't know there was a whole festival for it.

    1. Yes there is! They even have a parade AND pageant. It's a big deal ;)