Thursday, March 1, 2018

My Favorite Blending Sponge

Today, I wanted to share a beauty tool that I've been loving lately. It's the NYX's Flawless Finish Blending sponge that I purchased back in December at their store in Orlando. Previous to this sponge, I used round sponges to apply my foundation/concealer that I would pick up at Ulta. It did the job although it probably wasn't the best sponge to get in smaller areas like the outer nostril and inner corner eye area.

When I saw this sponge at the store and saw that it was only $8, I thought "heck, why not?". Guys, best $8 spent! It blends the foundation/concealer wonderfully. Very similar to another sponge.... The BeautyBlender. Have you heard of that? I'm sure you have. It's the OG blending sponge of the beauty world.
Yes, there are some differences with the sponge shape BUT do those differences out weight the $12 cost difference? I don't think so. I've owned and used the BeautyBlender once before and, honestly, didn't see the $20 value in it. That is just my opinion as I know that others would probably argue that it's God gift to the beauty world. I will say that the point on the NYX sponge is a little more pointier in person that pictured above. So works well for the nooks and crannies. Plus, I'm sure there is some added benefit to the flat side. I haven't really done any research to see what they are yet.

How do I use the sponge, you ask? I dampen the sponge first, do two pumps of liquid foundation on the top of my hand, then dabble it in the foundation and apply to my face. Then I use the pointier side to blend in my under eye concealer around the eye area and near the nostril area.

How do I clean the sponge, you ask? I actually use the BeautyBlender cleanser solid which I had purchased when I purchased the BeautyBlender back when. It's still kickin'! Cleans the sponge like new.

If you happen to use this sponge, let me know what you think. Or if there is another sponge that is comparable in price that you think I should try, let a sista know!


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